Video: José González – “Leaf Off/The Cave”

January 28, 2015

The tender elegance and sincerity of Swedish folk artist José González‘ latest single radiates in uplifting worship in his new video clip. “Leaf Off/The Cave” is an enrapturing an gentle folk tune that is amplified in the awkward close ups and gleeful, room-spanning shots of members of The Sunday Assembly, a godless group that gathers to join in song and lectures. To understand the track and the video a bit better, it is important to note that “Take the leaf from your mouth” is a common idiom among Germanic languages, meaning “to speak one’s mind.” Following the nature of the song’s sound and meaning, the clip showcases a diverse group of attendees uniting together in the genuine enjoyment of the song and each other. Something about this combination of sight and sound really shines. González’ new album, “Vestiges & Claws,” will be released February 17th.

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