Tune: Oh Wonder – “The Rain”

January 2, 2015

I already know this finished album will be on my top list of 2015 and it is only January 2nd. I remember listening to Oh Wonder‘s (then Wonder Wonder) first track, “Body Gold,” on the day it came out September 1st and falling completely in love. This London-based writing duo is writing one song a month for a year and releasing one song on the first of each month for a year. I’ve never been so excited for the first of each month. What I love most about Oh Wonder is that they’ve gone the anonymous route with an adorable sincerity.



The whole project showcases the idea that great music really speaks for itself. Lacking any kind of massive press campaign or flashy promotion, they’ve amassed thousands of new fans in just a few months. Oh Wonder’s combination of pop, R&B, and electronics is glossy, soothing, inviting and the reason all those fans keep coming back for more. “The Rain” is their softest and most powerful release yet. It has the same male and female voices crooning in playful unison over piano chords and synths but with crescendo into frenzy. I love the way it takes one line and changes it’s meaning with repetition and a swelling, passionate intensity. Listen to the rest of Oh Wonder’s wonder below.

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