Tune: Skyes – “Quarks”

January 20, 2015

Surging forth from the dense pop scene of Brooklyn, Skyes are set to 2015 by storm with the release of their dynamic, new single, “Quarks.” In 2014, Skyes made a name for themselves with a pair of singles, “A Girl Named Jake” and “Burden,” that showcased their brooding, compelling brand of synth pop. Affirming their presence and reinvigorating their sound, “Quarks” dips and soars along a crackling loop of production following a melodic trail blazed by the enchanting voice of DA Knightly. Uniting elements from pop, rock, and electronica into a beguiling blend, the song weaves through quiet verses and a triumphant chorus before ascending layers of synth, percussion, and searing guitar to a dazzling finish. Listen below and prepare for more exhilarating sounds from Skyes.

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