EP: Gleemer – No Goodbyes

January 27, 2015

This, swell galls and guys, is how you do a concept EP. Gleemer is the lo-fi, guitar-heavy, bedroom pop project of Colorado’s Corey Coffman. Releasing a dreamy stream of contemplative gems since 2013, this latest EP has to be my favorite thus far. No Goodbyes is “about a party that happened at a young college guy’s parent’s lakehouse. Each song is about a different person that attended.”  Pensive chasms carved by dark and intimate story-lines are filled with welling, shoegaze guitar, plodding basslines that slide from chord to chord in conjunction with the steady bang and crash of percussion. By infusing progressively layered repetition of droning musical phrases with raspy whispers of party going stereotypes, No Goodbyes pulls tightly on heartstrings with a sullen empathy. These magnetic tunes will whirl their way right into your musical memory, claiming their rightful positions amongst your favorite playlist of “alone time” music.

Our favorite new label, 80N7 (who are still knocking it out of the park), are releasing this angsty collection of songs on tape in March in the US. Gold Flake Tapes will also be putting it on cassette in the UK.

Favorite Tracks: ALL OF THEM

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