EP: Forced Random – I’m Still Here If You Want Me

January 16, 2015

Forced Random‘s new EP will wrap you in a cozy blanket of ambient, lo-fi rock.  Under the name Forced Random, London’s Oliver Girdler has been making sleepy, experimental tunes since the 2013 release of his first EP, It’s Not Your Fault, I Don’t Blame You. Maturing his mesmerizing sound with increasing complexity of arrangement and quality production, Girdler’s newest EP, I’m Still Here If You Want Me, is a warmly haunting amalgamation of hushed, wavering vocals, radio static, swelling electric guitar, and resonating keyboard chords. Centered around using instruments, voices, and noises at their quietest and most placid levels, each song progress slowly forward with intention but not force, taking shape under a facade of darkness. Intimately exploring the same sounds differently on each track, the most endearingly lovable quality of the EP is that is most satisfying as a full collection of sounds. Meshing these five songs together creates an enrapturing aural landscape that serves as the perfect escape to mid-winter introspection and solitude.

Favorite Tracks:  Under / Asleep & Blanket

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