EP: Fazerdaze – Fazerdaze

January 16, 2015

Stuffed with sunshine and packed with pop, Fazerdaze‘s self-titled debut EP is not one to miss. I’m so sad not to have come across this lovely EP last year but quite happy to have stumbled upon it now. From the beautiful city of Auckland, Amelia Murray is one-woman sunlight radiation machine/bedroom pop producer behind the soothing and wistful sounds of Fazerdaze. Her self-titled EP release in October is a goldmine of gentle, pop tunes radiating with the glow of summertime and a gritty edge. Whether falling under the hazy 80’s post-punk/dream pop spell of “Jennifer,” riding along the bassline of the dark-tinged “Treading Lightly,” or getting trapped in the picked guitar of “Somethink,” the EP has the powerful ability to whisk away a listener in a dreamy balance of harsh and mellow. I’m already waiting for more loveliness from Fazerdaze.


 Favorite Tracks: Jennifer & Reel

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