EP: CLAWS – No Sleep

January 28, 2015

Adding more greatness to the female-fronted, garage rock of the UK, CLAWS have just released a delightfully sunny new EP. Ripping through walls of clamorous sound, Norwich’s CLAWS have packed the tracks of their No Sleep EP with elements of garage, surf, punk, and indie rock. With heaps of angsty fervor exuding from Josie Steward’s boisterous vocals, the group of songs addresses the annoyances of youth with a powerful punch. Whether it is that lovable, noodling guitar riff in “To Be A Goth,” the grungy tone of the pronounced bassline in “I’ll Never Learn,” or the utter frustration oozing from the poignant lyrics of “Never Sleep,” this EP rocks through sonic highs and lyrical lows that will leave you feeling rebellious and pleasantly on edge. It’s fitting that Steward’s angry cries of “don’t listen to me” amidst “Tango Hotel” only make me want to listen even more. If you need a good yell, this is the EP for you. And who doesn’t love a nice glittery tape?

Favorite Track: To Be A Goth

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