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Digging Deeper: Violent Soho – “Saramona Said” Video

January 8, 2015

Brisbane juggernauts of youthful indifference have a knack for pairing their riotous indie rock with top notch film clips. Whether lyrically hitting soft spots or finding just the right moment to punch in a grungy bassline, something about Violent Soho‘s music seems incredibly familiar. With a sound that borrows a lot from past alt-rock and grunge bands but still remains entirely their own, the quartet released their critically acclaimed album Hungry Ghost (see below) in America in 2014 with great success. Over the past few years, the band have made themselves a household name in Australia. The kind of big where you can’t walk the streets without seeing at least one person wearing a Violent Soho T-Shirt.Their album was actually released in September of 2013 back in Australia but with a big tours and big slots in festivals this year, the after effects of Hungry Ghost are still rippling. Topping Brisbane’s local radio 4zzz’s Hot 100 and assuredly making it on to the Triple J Hot 100 this year, “Saramona Said” was their big single of 2014. Gently anthemic in nature, “Saramona Said” has a film clip to match it’s juvenile rebellion. It captures a lifestyle that has Violent Soho’s music and the band themselves have come to symbolize but in a creative and engaging way. Another to add to their collection of party-starting one takes, the video for “Saramona Said” sees one mate hop from the beach into his car, pick up a bunch of mates along the way, and end in a Violent Soho show (of course). Much less mundane than the description, the video is artful rather than tactless and definitely worth a watch. Check out their equally impressive one-take video for previous single “Covered in Chrome” below.

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