Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: The Districts – “4th and Roebling”

January 27, 2015

Hot Box Studios and The Districts have made magic once again with their new live version of “4th and Roebling.”¬†Wrapped in rays of sunlight, The Districts blaze through a rousing rendition of A Flourish and a Spoil‘s first single with all the gritty, toe-tapping grandeur we’ve come to know and love. But, the greatest part about this video and song combination is that it captures their journey thus far through the music industry. Named after the spot where they parked their van before their first show in Brooklyn, “4th and Roebling” is a testament to the transience and difficulty of growing up and leaving loved ones behind to pursue a career in music.

It has been almost three years since their first session with Hotbox Studios, the one that became the launching point for the success the band has reached thus far. That video of “Funeral Beds” perfectly represents The Districts as a band in 2012. Comparing the two reveals a captivating, undeniable growth. Through changing a member, touring the world, loosing all of their gear and countless of these live sessions, these young men have polished the raucous fervor in their live performances and poured even more heartfelt honesty into their songwriting. Reaching new heights with the unassuming charm of genuine musical passion, The Districts are set to keep on climbing.


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