Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Spookyland – “Adventure Song”

January 2, 2015

Here is a song that really deserves more attention. Back in July, Spookyland brought us the Rock and Roll Weakling EP. One that I feel got entirely overlooked during the year. But once you’ve heard the voice of Sydney’s Marcus Gordon, it’s hard to ignore. Spookyland is his songwriting and powerful vocals surrounded by the backing of his brother Liam and friends Nath Mansfield and Nic Malouf, all united in a progressive blend of country and rock. Like many of the Australians currently rising to the top of the country’s heap of talented musicians, Gordon is an explicit story teller, a gift illustrated most prominently on the Rock and Roll Weakling EP’s hidden gem “Adventure Song.” The song’s epical ascension guides your ears through an eclectic rambling of surreal images that flow with ease and grace against the gentle indignation of Gordon’s gritty twang. Fluttering about the line between imagination and insanity, “Adventure Song” paints a moving picture in expansive metaphors and driving guitar that will sweep you off your feet. Once you are finished with this track, you’ll just have to go through the whole EP below.

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