Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Francisco The Man – “Loaded”

January 7, 2015

Here is an band/album/song I really wish I would have found last year. Francisco The Man is an ever-evolving band from sunny LA that took seven years to release their first album, Loose Ends. But, it is hard not to expect great things to come from Fat Possum. “Loaded,” in particular captures their style of shoegaze indie pop that expands straightforward hooks into a mesh of warbling guitar. Each line of instrumentation in the song is articulately enunciated while still melding into the larger soundscape of the song.  The overarching melody and premise of the lyrics make it easy to latch onto and the intricate guitar work makes it easy to say. Relax, sit back, let Francisco The Man take you on sweeping ride.

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