Album: Dweller – DEDROOM

January 5, 2015

DEDROOM is a collection of gentle ramblings set to radio static and reverb-soaked guitars. Dweller, its creator, is the pseudonym of Philadelphia musicians Cody Bluett and Luke Harsel (also both of indie rock outfit Family Vacation). On DEDROOM, Bluett and Harsel find the perfect balance of aloofness and intimacy in layers that stretch to fill the void of listless youth. Meandering through quiet tales of love, longing, and loneliness, the albums tinkering guitars and forlorn vocal melodies are bolstered by seamlessly blended faint echoes of radio dialogue, evoking surrealist imagery akin to the Bluett’s art. Appropriately soundtracking alone time in any season, DEDROOM is the solace to the hollows of heartbreak that you never knew you needed.  Find Bluett’s art and more on his Tumblr.

Favorite Tracks: bugs & dedtime

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