Tune: St. South – “Gone, Not Gone”

December 24, 2014

May I just say, wow. “Gone, Not Gone” is just the kind of little musical gem that we love. Take a wistful wander through St. South‘s Soundcloud page and you’ll find a myriad of soothing sounds. Fremantle’s Olivia Gavranich (aka St. South) normally mixes her gentle vocals with various style of production that all match her vocals in sweet and smooth echoes. But there is something special about this acoustic demo. Spotlighting her talent for folk songwriting, this bare-bones ballad will slide through your ears with ease as the perfect soundtrack to a chilly winter’s day.

“I’m crossing old lists, from trees once kissed
Trying to find the old words I missed

Right between the moon and sun
Lost within the tale I’ve spun”

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